#1 Most Deadly Food

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the negative effects of eating wheat. So, what's the big deal? How can a "staple" like wheat be bad for you? Well, wheat isn't what it used to be.

The wheat you're eating now is actually a genetically-modified "franken-food" called dwarf wheat that bears almost no genetic resemblance to the wheat your great-grandmother ate. From a food production standpoint, dwarf food is highly efficient to grow. For that reason, "Big Food" loves it. But in terms of nutrition, it's one of the worst things you can put in your mouth and a surprising source of numerous health problems.

Here are five ways that wheat is wreaking havoc with your health right now:

1. Wheat Makes You Fat

Did you know that eating wheat spikes you blood sugar levels even higher than eating a sugary candy bar? Wheat may not taste sweet, but once you chew and swallow it, your body converts it into a form of sugar called glucose. When you eat wheat, that huge wave of glucose triggers insulin and fat growth, especially deep visceral or "belly" fat.

To put it simply, eating wheat re-wires your body to store fat instead of burning it. If you've struggled to lose weight and keep it off, chances are that your wheat intake is silently sabotaging your efforts and keeping you fat no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.

2. Wheat Contributes To Joint Pain

Remember how I said that wheat converts to sugar in your body? Well, there is a direct connection between sugar and joint pain. High levels of sugar floods your body with insulin and stress hormones, which in turn causes inflammation of soft tissue, placing pressure on your joints and causing you to experience joint pain.

If you suffer from achey and stiff joints, that is your body's way of telling you that you have inflammation. The most common cause of inflammation is sugar, and the most common source of sugar for most people is in the form of wheat. When you eliminate wheat from your body, one of the surprising benefits can be a significant reduction in chronic joint pain.

3. Wheat Damages Your Brain

Your brain requires fat and cholesterol to function properly. When your brain is fed a steady diet of carbs from sugar and grain, it can cause a number of brain-related health problems, including ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and dementia.

Studies also show that wheat inhibits the production of serotonin, negatively impacting your mood and emotional health.

Eating wheat can also cause a condition called Gluten Ataxia, which is characterized by loss of balance, "foggy brain", frequent falls, tremors, and other neurological problems.

4. Wheat Contributes To Heart Disease

Eating wheat elevates LDL (the "bad" cholesterol), which in turn increase your risk of heart disease. More specifically, wheat is a large dietary source of small LDL (in contrast with large LDLs), which oxidizes and glycates more easily, which causes faster plaque buildup.

In short, so-called "heart healthy" foods made with whole wheat are anything but, and are likely increasing your chance or plaque buildup, high blood pressure, and deadly heart disease.

5. Wheat Makes You Age Faster

Did you know that people can experience different rates of aging? It depends on large part how fast or slow you are glycating the proteins of your body.

Wheat has a unique blood glucose-increasing effect that makes you age faster. When you eat wheat, it spikes your blood sugar levels, which in turn produces AGEs in your body. AGEs are "Advanced Glycation End-Products", which is a material that causes stiffened arteries, cataracts, dementia, and wrinkles.

In other words, the more AGEs you have in your body, the faster you age.

The science is overwhelmingly clear

The science is overwhelmingly clear: wheat (even "healthy" whole wheat) is quite simply one of the worst foods for your health.

If you've ever thought about eliminating wheat from your diet but don't know where to start, or can't bear the idea of giving up your favorite wheat-based foods, I have a solution I'd like to share with you.

I've discovered a simple process for eliminating wheat from your diet in a way that greatly reduces the cravings and withdrawal-like symptoms most people experience (yes, on top of everything else, wheat is also highly addictive!).

Also, unlike most of the other Paleo or grain-free diets out there, I'll show you how you can still eat your favorite foods with my secret "paleo-approved" wheat substitutes.

The simple method I'm about to share with you is the same method over 64,000 of my readers have used to get their health and vitality back by safely and quickly eliminating wheat from their diet.

Quitting wheat isn't easy

Look, I get it. Quitting wheat isn't easy. But I've made it as easy as humanly possible... and the tremendous health benefits of doing so make it more than worthwhile.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing your belly fat disappearing more and more each day. Imagine waking up with more energy and vitality than you've had in years.

It's all possible when you follow these simple steps I'm going to share with you on the next page: